Bauhaus Business Cards

Mid 2018
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design

Envisioned as a theoretical design project during the operative years of the Bauhaus school in Dessau, the business card set captures the Bauhaus spirit of innovation by redefining their purpose. The design gains additional functionality as an identification card within the school, with the hierarchical structure identified as a set of primary colours. The Bauhaus branding has been revisited, capturing elements of the Joschmi typographical form. The logo unifies 'bau' and 'haus' as one by blurring the boundaries between “b” and “h” in a simplistic fashion.

Bauhaus Alumni
Xanti Schawinsky Business Card

Xanti Schawinsky

An Apprentice 'Lehrling' of the Bauhaus School, Dessau between 1924-1926, Xanti later became a Master 'Meister' in 1927. Whilst he held numerous talents (painter, photographer, architect, graphic designer, saxophonist and stage designer) he was appointed to teach Stage Design.

Joost Schmidt Business Card

Joost Schmidt

Became a Journeyman 'Geselle' in 1922 after succesfully completing the apprenticeship programme, he later became a Young Master 'Jungmeister' and was appointed to teach Calligraphy, Sculpture, Typography, Advertising and Printing within the school.

Alfred Arndt Business Card

Alfred Arndt

Taught as Master 'Meister' of the Bauhaus School, Dessau between 1929-1932. He was promptly appointed as Director of the Integrated Building and Interior Design department which combined the Carpentry, Metalwork and Wall Painting workshops.

Walter Gropius Business Card

Walter Gropius

Founder and Director 'Direktor' of the Bauhaus School between 1919-1928, he was a visionary whom desired to change the protocol of an education in art. This ultimately became the credo of the school, giving the combination of life, craft and art under one roof.

This project was completed as an entry into the Adobe Hidden Treasures design competition.

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