Railroad Park Recording Co.

Mid 2018
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Railroad Park Recording Company is a mobile recording and music production studio based in Westport Massachusetts, USA. I was approached by the hugely talented founder, Kyle Therrien, who briefed me on creating a new look for the company's logo.

Preliminary Work
Trailer Photograph

Externally the trailer is aesthetically dated, however internally is modern, fresh and filled with the latest studio tech. This all adds charm and character and in return gave me an ideal starting point for my design.

Sketchbook Work

The trailer plays such a significant part of what makes this company unique. Therefore it was really important that I didn't just draw a trailer, but I drew the trailer.

Final Design
Railroad Park Recording Company Logo Black

I broke the trailer down into the basic components that are required to recognise it as a trailer and drew them up. It was important to capture the colours of the trailer in a simplsitic complementary palette. A thick circular black border frames the trailer and gives the text a platform to exist.

Railroad Park Recording Company Logo Variation

An alternative logo was designed to aid visibility on different background shades and compositions.

"Lewis was able to capture our quirky and unique aesthetic through a clean, professional and easily brandable logo concept. It has been well received, helping my business to capitalize amongst clients old and new."

Kyle Therrien Avatar
Kyle Therrien

Railroad Park Recording Co.

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